What is this all about?

Social media in general has turned into a bad experience. The time has come to abandon timelines full of negativity designed to maximize your screentime. Polemics is different as it is not about attracting attention with short and fleeting messages, but about quality content and substantive conversations between real people.

We publish contributions from people interested in other people. Simply because they like to participate in meaningful exchanges of ideas. Because they are curious about other opinions and insights and are open to learn from each other.


Unlike other platforms that make money from your attention, on polemics your contributions can make money!

    - Earn by letting readers tip you for your contributions in Bitcoin (bsv).
    - Earn by placing your contributions behind a paywall
    - Earn by commenting on contributions with koalament.


To unlock articles, tip authors or comment with koalament, you'll need a moneybutton account and a little bitcoin (bsv). You can create a moneybutton account at moneybutton.